Close Embrace inRussia present:
Encuentro Milonguero Moscow'20
The event changed dates to 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic.
Welcome to the third
Encuentro Milonguero Moscow 2020.
Join us!! Summer, July, weekend,
close embrace with beautiful music by international DJs, new friends and impressions.
The event takes place close to Moscow center in the 450 square meter ballroom, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str., 35, building 59, metro station Baumanskaya/ Krasnoselskaya
The Event Program
03.07.2020 Friday
10.00 - 13.00 City tour
14.00 - 19.00 Registration, opening milonga
21.00 - 03.00 Night milonga

04.07.2020 Saturday
10.00 -13.00 City tour
14.00 - 19.00 Afternoon milonga
21.00 - 03.00 Night milonga

05.07.2020 Sunday

13.00 - 19.00 Closing milonga
21.00 - 01.00 Afterparty

DJ Irma Gross
Irma with her classical music background has a strong passion for tango. She has been the first violin of Tango-Orquesta "Silencio" for many years. She has been a Tango DJ for 19 years and runs her own Milonga in Basel. Living both in Switzerland and Argentina for many years, she she brings the latest trends of Buenos Aires milongas into European tango reality. Her choice of music is carefully tailored to the spirit of each event. Her improvised Tandas are filled with a sense of style and shaped to the mood on the dance floor. During weekend-events Irma always considers what the music previous DJs put.
Besides that, Irma is a Milonguera, a musician of Argentinian Tango and Folklore, and she has her own brand of Argentinian Tango shoes MUNAY. Moreover, Irma organizes two Encuentros Milongueros in Basel, "Tres Besos" and "Bomboncito".
Dj Mathias Denk
Mathias plays the Golden Age music. The music he chooses fits well with the milonguero style. His music is lively, diverse, and includes the collection of masterpiece of the most desirable orchestras. Sometimes he spices up his gig with a modern touch. Mathias has been working as a DJ since 2007, first with the Swedish-Argentine Tango Association in Stockholm and later as house DJ on milongas such as "Comme il Faut", "Plaza Bohemia", "La Piccola" and "Milonga3E". He has also performed at well-known Encuentros in Europe; Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Latvia. There he gained knowledge and experience about dancers' expectations.
DJ Silencio Azul
For him, DJ-ing is an art of caring about the music what inspires us to dance. He carefully chooses each musical piece in harmony with the whole milonguero's emotional spectrum . He starts with the "spirit of each Orquestra Típica" and his aim is to create the space to get the beautiful and happy experience to everyone. Being a DJ in traditional milongas an Encuentros milongueros is a great responsibility since "milongueros" highly appreciate the close embrace and the music interpretation. That is why Silencio's milonga should be closer to the feeling of "a heaven dance".
DJ Igoris Saburov
Here is how he states his principles: "I am all tango music lover. At milongas I prefer to put Golden Age music, although I am open-minded and eager to follow the dancers needs of the moment. "
DJ Alexander Valchuk
Hereas what he says himself: "I've been dancing since 2009 but I started my DJ career in early 2013." DJ Valchuk is a permanent DJ at regular milongas in Nizhny Novgorod. "I prefer the Golden Age music, both performed by traditional orchestras and modern ones with powerful sound. At milongas, I mainly put on the music I want to dance to. I stick to the principle: 'Dancers vote with their feet.' "
DJ Alan Spotti
Being an experienced dancer, he began his activity as a DJ in 2005 led by the passion for music. Careful study of music led him to find his very personal style. "How do my evenings take place? .. say that there is no rules, I really like playing with the energy of the dance floor, with the right alternation of fast and slow, sentimental and fun .. trying to get a good wave and involving at most the dancers ... " comments the DJ himself when asked about his style.

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