Close Embrace inRussia present:
Encuentro Milonguero Moscow'19
05.07 - 07.07
Welcome to the first Encuentro Milonguero
Moscow 2019.
Come up!! Summer, July, weekend, close embrace
with beautiful music from international DJs will give you new meetings and impressions.
The event'll take place not far from the center of Moscow in the hall with an area for a dance (450 sq.m.) at Moscow, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str., 35, building 59, metro station Baumanskaya, Krasnoselskaya.
The Event Program
10.00 - 13.00 City tour

14.00 - 19.00 registration, opening milonga DJ Mikhail Naumov (Russia)

21.00 - 03.00 milonga DJ
11.00 -13.00 City tour

14.00 - 19.00 milonga DJ

21.00 - 03.00 milonga DJ
13.00 - 19.00 closing milonga, DJ

21.00 - 02.00 after-party, DJ
DJ OLIVIER (France) Dancer for over 20 years, Olivier found in the milongas musicalisation a way of deepening his passio. A programme 100% for the dancers. Variety, quality and emotion! Traditional milonga with tandas and cortinas. Fabulous orchestras - Canaro, Di Sarli, Calo, Biagi, Fresedo and Troilo, Pugliese, Tanturi, Laurenz ...

DJ TINO IACOVINO (Italy) His evenings are accompanied by traditional music of the 30s-50s. Cortina always sounds between tandas. He prefer orchestras: Darienzo, Disarli, Canaro, Biagi, Troilo, Lorenzo, Démara, Tanturi and Puglieze. Thismusicisbothinstrumentalandwithsingers.
DJ PRINZ (Belgium) Since 2014 DJ Prinz has put smiles on the faces of dancers. He is a household name in Belgium and was spotted at milongas, encuentrosand festivals in Europe and Canada.He loves to shape the energy of the milonga, continuouoslyplaying withtandasof a different intensity, offering a wide range of orchestral styles and refreshing cortinas. He cares about the dance floor, delivering nicely structured and yet playful sets that make you want to dance on and on.
Wheat her at a local milonga or an international venue, the ingredients remain the same: dancing pleasure, the traditional repertoire and lots of smiles. Let's glow!

DJ SILENCIO (Portugal) For him, DJing is an art of caring about what drives us to dance – the music. This task takes anyone that wishes to do it well to study all his life. He choose carefully each musical piece and try to find, among the variety of the "musical emotions" the ones that best harmonizes with each "milonguero". He start with the "spirit of each Orquestra Típica" and, with each dancer, he aim to choose and contribute so that each and every single one present in the milonga can live a beautiful and happy experience. To DJ in traditional milongas an Encuentros milongueros is a responsibility because with "milongueros" giving deep importance to the love for the embrace and (the interpretation) of the music. Also due to this the milonga is, already, closer to the feeling of "a dance heaven".
Mikhail Naumov ( Russia) Tango-DJ since year 2008. Favorite conductor: Carlos Di Sarli. Favoritemusic: "GoldenAge". Credo of DJ: " The dancers makes milonga"
Registration is required to participate in Encuentro Milonguero Moscow'19. Registration starts December 15th at 10:00 p.m.

Cost of participation 105 Euro (including soft drinks, snacks, fruit, city tour and afterparty).
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