Close Embrace inRussia present:
Encuentro Milonguero Moscow'18
06.07 - 08.07
Welcome to the first Encuentro Milonguero
Moscow 2018.
Come up!! Summer, July, weekend, close embrace
with beautiful music from international DJs will give you new meetings and impressions.
The event'll take place not far from the center of Moscow in the hall with an area for a dance (450 sq.m.) at Moscow, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya Str., 35, building 59, metro station Baumanskaya, Krasnoselskaya.
The Event Program
14.00 - 19.00 registration, opening milonga DJ Anastasia Pomogaeva (Radistka-cat), Russia

21.00 - 03.00 milonga DJ Jo Switten (El Huracán), Belgium
11.00 -13.00 City tour

14.00 - 19.00 milonga DJ Céline Devèze, France

21.00 - 03.00 milonga DJ Paola NociTango, Italy
14.00 - 19.00 closing milonga, DJ Igoris Saburov (Lithuania)
Céline Devèze (France) is one of the most popular international DJs. She has played her sets at numerous Marathons, Festivals and Encuentros of many countries. Céline aims to maintain the energy on the dancefloor while nurturing the emotions of the dancers with a nuanced selection of music from the late 30s to the 50s. She is a DJ with elegance, emotion and energy!
Paola NociTango (Italy), tango dancer, has lived and worked in Argentina, music lover and particularly of tango music, she is well become one appreciatedt dj. She is known for the energy that she succeeds in creating in her evenings. Careful and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancer with which she loves to interact and that are inspiration and essential stimulus during the milonga.
DJ Anastasia Pomogaeva "Radistka-cat" (Russia) became making music on the milongas at November 2005, because it is better to sit listening to beautiful music you like than to dance to the music that doesn't make you feel happy. Works on milongas in Paris, Riga, Kiev, a regular dj on festivals in St. Petersburg, Moscow (but sincerely thinks there's no difference between a festival milonga with a thousand dancers and a small one because people are important, not their quantity). She is trying creat a small holiday every milonga and with luck — a big miracle.

Jo Switten (Belgium), also known as deejay El Huracán, came in contact with the Tango Argentino end of the eighties. In 1990 he took his first classes and he immediately fell in love with the music, the dance and the social aspects of the milongas. Back then, there weren't many possibilities to dance so he started to collect tango records and started as a deejay at national and international tango parties. On his various trips to Buenos Aires he completed his tango music collection. Jo is passionate about tango but isn't a librarian or a archiver of tango music. He strongly believes a good milonga is about fun, about the joy of dancing and being together, without losing the authentic character of a real Argentine salón de tango. Get ready for a night full of dancing and good ambiance. Los esperamos por una noche de garufa!
Igoris Saburov (Lithuania) love all tango music. In milongas hi prefer to play music of Golden Era, although i am not categorical and tries to feel the interest of the dancing people.
Registration is required to participate in Encuentro Milonguero Moscow 2018.

Cost of participation 105 Euro (including soft drinks, snacks, fruit and afterparty).
Registration procedure:

1) Fill up the registration form and send.

2) We confirm your registration (or your place on the waiting list)

3) When you receive payment information via e-mail, you have 2 weeks for payment. If the payment isn't received before the date, then you'll go to the waiting list.

4) After receiving the payment, you'll receive a final confirmation.

5) In case you can not take part the cost is not refundable. The confirmation to participate is personal and can not be transferred to another person without the authorisation of the organiser.

6) In case of cancellation of an event or an erroneous (double) payment for participation, the amount is returned upon written request within 30 days.
Within 2 week after the application you will receive a confirmation email only if you are admitted. To be officially registered as a participant, you must pay the cost of participation. A maximum of 250 participants will be accepted.
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